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Starting from Ramsgate and looping through Broadstairs, Margate and St. Peter’s, this full-day experience kicks off with a visit to Ramsgate's iconic lighthouse, gliding past the former home of visionary architect Augustus Pugin, and on to the serene St Augustine’s Abbey. A journey through stunning bays, picturesque seaside sights , traffic-free promenades, and leisurely country lanes. As we pedal through these captivating landscapes, we'll make frequent stops where your will share stories about the history, culture and landscape, including little-known local secrets! 🤫

Adults £45 
including bike hire.
£35 with own bike 

Electric Bikes + £20 


"Fabulous day out for cyclists of all levels. Lot's of beautiful scenic spots and quirky places."

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Harbour Bikes, Ramsgate, 11AM

Approx. 4hrs | Leisurely pace with plenty of stops

Approx 2hrs cycling | 16 miles

Medium. Some off-road country tracks and a couple of small hills. (We can happily push bikes up if we need).

Suitable comfy clothing, water, funds for lunch.

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11am: Our journey begins at Harbour Bikes, nestled in the scenic Ramsgate Royal Harbour, where you're greeted by fellow explorers and briefed on the day's adventure. As we set off, Ramsgate reveals its rich tapestry of maritime heritage and architectural splendor. The route includes a visit to its iconic lighthouse, standing as a beacon of the town's seafaring past. We'll glide past the former home of Augustus Pugin, the visionary architect whose Gothic revival designs left an indelible mark on British architecture. Along the way, we'll also pass by the residence once inhabited by Vincent Van Gogh, and the serene St Augustine’s Abbey, with its captivating ruins, standing as a cornerstone of England's religious history.

Early Afternoon: The tour makes its way to Broadstairs for a delightful lunch stop – perhaps enjoying classic fish and chips by the sea. Afterward, it's time for a sweet treat at the renowned Morelli's Gelato Parlour. Broadstairs is not just about its scenic beauty; it also boasts a rich connection to the literary legend Charles Dickens. Take your time to wander through the quaint streets and soak in the atmosphere that inspired some of his masterpieces.

Late Afternoon: Next, we set off to explore Margate, a gem on the Kent coast known for its vibrant arts scene and rich cultural heritage. We'll travel through its historic streets, where modern art and vintage finds blend seamlessly.

Return Journey: As the day draws to a close, we'll embark on a scenic return to Ramsgate, weaving through stretches of farmland, the serene countryside, enchanting woodlands, and the historic area of St. Peters. This tranquil route offers a moment of reflection on the natural beauty and rich history of the region, a peaceful conclusion to a day filled with exploration, connection, and discovery.

Ramsgate, located in the picturesque county of Kent in the UK, is an appealing destination for visitors due to its rich maritime heritage and stunning coastal scenery. This charming seaside town boasts a vibrant marina, the only Royal Harbour in the country, surrounded by Georgian and Victorian architecture that adds a historical allure. Visitors can explore the extensive network of wartime tunnels, enjoy the sandy beaches, or stroll along the scenic cliff-top walks. With its array of cafes, bars, and restaurants offering sea views, Ramsgate combines relaxation with cultural exploration, making it an ideal getaway for those seeking both tranquility and a touch of adventure.

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