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Journeys of connection, healing, and joy. 

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Recovery Rides

​Every ride is a free new adventure, exploring the landscapes of Kent... new sights, new friendships, and new stories.

'The opposite of addiction is connection'Johann Hari.

Rooted in the beautiful landscapes of Kent and starting from Margate, each ride is an invitation to experience the outdoors, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and foster meaningful connections. We're all about the magic of connecting with others. Our rides are more than just cycling; they're about building a supportive community, sharing experiences, and finding joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Your Guides.

Leading the way are Simon Mason and Colin Welsh, both of whom have personal journeys of recovery. They bring lived experience, understanding, and a passion for cycling and recovery to every ride.


A Journey from Infamy to Inspiration: Simon Mason's story is one of remarkable transformation. Once known as rock 'n' roll's most infamous drug dealer, his path to recovery has been profound and inspiring. Today, Simon is not only a figure of resilience and rebirth but also a dedicated recovery coach. He uses his rich tapestry of experiences to guide others towards their own recovery. His warmth, wisdom, and understanding infuse each ride with depth, making every cycling journey an enriching experience of growth and connection. Beyond his recovery journey, Simon is also a talented musician and the lead of the band High Town Pirates, whose music echoes themes of hope and redemption. His autobiographical book, "Too High, Too Far, Too Soon," further delves into his transformative journey, offering readers a raw and honest glimpse into the life of a man who beat the odds.

A Journey of Creativity and Recovery: Colin Welsh is the founder of Col's Kent Bike Tours. His dynamic background spans across the creative industries, from owning an award-winning nightclub in London to producing music and films. His compositions have featured on global television and in a BAFTA-winning BBC program, and his filmmaking has been showcased in exhibitions such as at The Turner Contemporary. Now in the early stages of his own recovery, Colin is ideally positioned to share his personal experiences with others embarking on similar journeys.

Occasionally, we'll also have guest riders join who will also share their own personal recovery stories.

Why Join Recovery Rides.

  • Accessible Adventures: Our rides are leisurely paced and open to all fitness levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy the journey. Electric bikes are available.

  • Free Bike Hire & Checks: Thanks to the Thanet Social Enterprise Boost initiative, we offer free bike hire and bike checks if you are bringing your own bike (courtesy of The Bike Shed Margate) to all participants.

  • Cafe Stops and Chats: Enjoy relaxed cafe stops along the route, perfect for lively conversations and laughter.

  • Social Connectivity: Group cycling helps build social networks, offering essential support and reducing feelings of isolation for those in recovery.

  • Physical Health: Cycling enhances cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall fitness, crucial for recovery from substance use.

  • Mental Health: Cycling boosts endorphin production, helping to lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety linked to addiction.

  • Stress Reduction: Regular cycling decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins, easing stress levels.

  • Improved Sleep: Regular cycling activity helps regulate disrupted sleep patterns due to addiction.

  • Cognitive Enhancement: Cycling aids in improving cognitive functions such as memory and reaction times, which are beneficial during recovery.

  • Nature Therapy: Cycling outdoors exposes individuals to nature, which helps reduce anxiety and depression while boosting overall well-being.

  • Mindfulness: The rhythmic and meditative nature of cycling fosters mindfulness, supporting mental focus and recovery efforts.

  • Reducing Risk of Disease: Cycling reduces the risk factors for a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, some cancers, and Type II diabetes. Read more... "Cycling and walking for individual and population health benefits: a rapid evidence review"


Coming Soon.


Get Involved.

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